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Rice Lake, WI Extremely Thin Ice Truck Recovery From Rice Lake - 1/31/2017

Rice Lake, WI Extremely Thin Ice Truck Recovery From Rice Lake - 1/31/2017

Seriously People, stop driving on the ice in the upper Midwest, the ice is not safe with all the above average temperatures in the last few weeks!!! This video package shows the truck that...

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Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow & Snow Clean Up - 1/30/2017

Clipper system brought heavy snow to the Rice Lake WI area this late morning into the afternoon. This video package shows the heavy snow falling and a few near accidents along with snow removal....

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Rice Lake WI Frost & Freezing Temperatures - 10/08/2016

Temps in the upper 20s to lower 30s produced Northwestern Wisconsin's first widespread frost of this fall. Clip 1. Back temp. Clip 2. Frost covered truck. Clip 3. Medium shot of frost on a...

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Frigid Cold Sub Zero in Rice Lake, WI - 12/27/2017

The bitterly cold air continues as the Arctic air has a strong hold of Northwestern WI. Shot Description Clip 1. Bank temp of 21 below zero at 7:27 AM. Clip 2. Someone out for a walk on this...

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Flooding in Rice Lake, WI - 5/21/2017

After the deadly tornado this past week. Barron County has seen periods of heavy rain. Heavy rain has caused flooding along the Red Cedar River. Many farm fields have standing water in them....

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Rice Lake, WI Cold weather - 12/26/2017

The Arctic air has made camp over Northwestern WI. One person braved the cold temps of 20 below zero to do some ice fishing. Shot Description Clip 1. Bank temp of 20 below. Clip 2-3. Someone...

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Rice Lake, WI First Frost - 10/10/2017

Frosty conditions greeted people this morning in Northwestern WI. Temps dropped into the upper 20s. This video package shows the frosty conditions. Shot Description Clip 1. Bank temp of 30...

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Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow - 12/4/2017

After a high of 54 degrees on Monday with late afternoon early evening thunderstorms. Winter staged a big time come back across the area later in the evening. With strong winds and heavy snow....

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2/20/2014 Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm B-Roll

Major winter storm hitting Northwestern WI, Barron County. Scene 1. Building with heavy snow falling. Scene 2. Stop sign and trees with heavy snow falling. Scene 3. Traffic on HWY 53 with heavy...

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Rice Lake, WI Cool Foggy Conditions - 7/24/2017

A very welcome break from the very warm and humid conditions this morning. Temps were in the upper 40s across much of Northwestern WI. With the cooler temps, came areas of dense fog. Shot Descripti...

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12/27/2014 Rice Lake, WI Winter storm cleanup - B-Roll

New footage from the snow that fell in Rice Lake, Wisconsin this morning. Scene 1. Person on a tractor plowing snow. Scene 2. Grader plowing snow. Scene 3. person shoveling snow. Scene 4....

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Vivid Sundogs over Rice Lake, WI - 12/15/2015

Vivid Sundog's over Northwestern, WI at sunset.

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3/3/2015 Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm

Barron County Wisconsin gets plowed by a fast hitting winter storm. Clip 1 ??2. People shoveling snow. Clip 3 ?? 4. Cars driving in the snow on main street. Clip 5 ?? 7. Snow plow, plowing...

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8/18/2014 Rice Lake, WI Street Flooding

Late evening storms dump street flooding rains in Wisconsin. 1 through 9 shows cars/trucks driving through the flooding street.

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Rice Lake, WI Arctic Blast Sub Zero Temps - 1/10/2016

Arctic air blasts into Northwestern WI. Temps 18 below zero, with wind chill hanging around 20 below zero or so. Clip 1. Bank thermometer Clip 2. A person standing then walking by in the Arctic...

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Rice Lake, WI Winter Wonderland - 1/8/2016

Over night snowfall produced a very beautiful winter wonderland across the Rice Lake,WI. area this morning. Clip 1. Trees and bushes covered in snow. Clip 2. Zoomed in view of clip 1. Clip...

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Rice Lake, WI Snow - 12/23/2015

Winter weather returns back to Northwestern WI. Just in time for Christmas. Snow caused the day to slow down on the area roads. Some motorist had some problems. Clip 1. Dash cam shows a car...

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Winter Storm Impacts Rice Lake, WI - 2/2/2016

Winter storm pounds Western & Northwestern WI this afternoon and evening. Causing schools to let out early today, and most business to let second shift go home early this evening. Clip 1. Dash...

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Rice Lake, WI Snow - 3/4/2016

Winter still trying to hold onto Northwestern WI this afternoon. Clip 1. Snow falling with a flag blowing in the wind. Clip 2. Snow falling with swans in the open water. Clip 3. Snow falling...

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Rice Lake, WI Lightning & Thunderstorm - 5/6/2016

After a hot day in Northwestern WI. A broken line of thunderstorms moved through the Rice Lake area with intense lighting. Clip 1. Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to ground lightning. Clip 2 through...

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Rice Lake, WI Car Recovery From Thin Ice - 1/27/2017

Another vehicle recovery on Rice Lake this morning. This time it was on the other side of the lake. This car went through the ice by open water yesterday morning around 7:30. Shot Description...

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Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow - 12/11/2016

A winter storm slams most of WI. This video package was shot on the Northern side of the winter storm in Rice Lake WI. They did pick up about 3.5 inches of snow. Shot Description Clip 1-3....

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1/6/2014 Rice Lake, WI sub zero B-Roll

Extreme cold slams into Northwestern Wisconsin, bring temps of 30 below with wind chills down to 45 to 55 below, along with blowing snow. Scene 1. Bank temp. Scene 2.Car being jumped. Scene...

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Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow Falling - 11/3/2017

A band of heavy snow moved into the area. This video package shows the heavy snow falling. Shot Description Clip 1. Heavy snow starting to fall. Clip 2. Snow sticking to the cars. Clip 3....

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Rice Lake, WI Lightning & Storm Damage - 7/6/2017

Strong thunderstorms moved through Barron County WI this early morning. Storms produced an intense lightning show along with strong winds which caused blowing sand/dust.. Storms also produced...

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Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow & Wind Damage 11/19/2015

Strong winds hit Rice Lake WI area along with heavy snow showers. Clip 1. Flags blowing in the strong winds. Clip 2. Weeds blowing in the wind. Clip 3. A Oak tree blown down across a dirt...

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Rice Lake, WI Sub Zero Cold Weather - 11/10/2017

The first real Arctic air blasted into the area last night. The cold blast caused temps to drop to 1 below zero this morning in Rice Lake WI. This caused ice to form on Rice Lake, which is...

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Rice Lake, WI Truck In The Water - 1/28/2017

The video shows a truck that broke through the ice on the edge of the open water. The three kids did make it out of the truck and back to shore safely. By time they saw the open water there...

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Rice Lake, WI Mini Van Being Pulled Out After Breaking Through Ice - 1/3/2017

This video shows the van that dropped through the ice on Rice Lake back on 12/16/2016 being pulled out today. Ice conditions were safe enough to allow for the removal of the van today. Shot...

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Rice Lake, WI Snow falling - 12/14/2015

After a morning of heavy rain a burst of heavy snow hit the Rice Lake, Barron County WI. area this afternoon. Clip 1. Snow covered roof and tress with snow falling at a good clip. Clip 2....

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10/03/2014 Rice Lake WI - First Snow Fall, B-Roll

Say it is not SNOW!!! The first real snow fall for the upper Midwest is falling over Ride lake Wisconsin tonight during the overnight hours. Clip 1. Snow falling with a flag. Clip 2. Snow...

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7/24/2015 Rice Lake and Bloomer, WI Flooding and Lightning B-Roll

Heavy rain fell fast in and around Rice Lake WI. causing street flooding in the city of Rice Lake, as storm drains couldn\\'t keep up with the heavy rain.. Lateer this same storm became tornado...

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Snow Clean-Up in Rice Lake, WI - 2/3/2016

Today is cleanup day in Rice Lake WI, after a winter storm slammed the area yesterday and last night. This video package shows snow removal in full swing. This video also shows blowing snow...

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